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General Stains Questions

Hi. How do I clean the concrete sidewalks/entrance way to the restaurants where I work? They are very stingy on chemicals. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
How can I clean dirty marks from theedge of my cream carpets?
How can I clean wood stain off metal window?
How can I get Blutack off carpet?
How can I get rid of the smell of curry which emanates into a back bedroom from my neighbour's kitchen?
How can I hide burn marks on wood?
How can I remove grouting residue after tiling?
How can I remove permanant red marker from a quilt?
How do I clean a curry stain?
How do i clean water stains of an awning outside,leaving water proof inside
How do i get cooking greese of a painted wall?
How do I get glue off a carpet?
How do I remove a build up of 'gee'
How do I remove a red shower gel stain from a plastic shower base
How do I remove adhesive residue off aluminum counters left over from contact paper?
How do I remove air freshner oil from books and carpet?
Ink stains from packaging on lino.
My beige suede boots are dirty...

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