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Acne And Skincare Questions

Can the doctor help get rid of spots?
Can you pass acne to other people using the same towel?
Do antibiotics help to get rid of spots?
How do i get rid of my eczema for good??
How do you get rid of spots without damaging my skin?
How to keep ur face soft?
I have a spot for 9 months on my forehead. I tried lots of stuff but it does not go. WHY?
I have been trying to get rid of spots on my fore head and i started to get annoyed and picked on them. Now i'm left with quite alot of scars. How can i help reduce them or make them less noticable?
I have spot on my face ive lots of things to get rid of them but it dosen't work none of my freinds have them can you help
I hv spots on my back,lots of them :(
Is toothpaste good to remove bumps from your face.
My teenage years have finished and I still have spots, help?
What's the best over the counter treatment for spots?
Why do i get spots on my bottom? i wash the area n bath daily and i also have a healthy diet.please help
Why have i got spots on my head?
Will clearasil get rid of my spots?

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