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Celebrities Questions

Are celebrities nice or horrible in person?
How can I become a celebrity?
How can I get to meet my favourite celebrity?
How is Andrew Lloyd Webber so rich?
How many children does Jennifer Lopez have?
I'm in love with a celebrity, what should I do?
Is a band like the Sugababes really the same band when only one member is left?
What clubs in London do celebrities go to?
What is David Tennant's real name?
What is Paula Abdul on about in American Idol?
Where can I get celebrity emails?
Who is Daniel Radcliffe?
Who is Duncan Bannatyne?
Who is Emma Watson?
Who is Kara Dioguardi?
Who is Madonna?
Who is more valuable to society scientists or celebrities?
Who is Paula Abdul?
Why do celebrities get a stage name?
Why do celebrities have such good skin?
Why do people find celebrities more attractive than normal people?
Why do some celebrities go crazy when they get famous?
Why does Jim Carrey always play comedy roles?
Why does Jonathan Ross get paid so much?
Why does Randy Jackson call everyone dog?
Will anyone remember todays celebrities in fifty years time?

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