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Forces Questions

A car accelerates along a road which force actually moves the car?
A block of mass 'm' slips on a rough horizontal table under the action of a horizontal force applied to it . the coefficient of friction between the block and the the table is 'u'. the table does not move on the floor .find the total friction force
A Find the velocity (magnitude and direction of the second ball)b.Was the collision elastic or inelastic?
A mass M IS MOVING with a onstant velocity parallel to x axis . itts angular momentum with respect to origin is.....
A weight is connected to a spring that is suspended vertically from the ceiling.
An athlete rotates his body before throwing the discus. give reasons?
Apart from mass and velocity,what else affects affects momentum?
Aristotle motion
Calculate the acceleration due to gravity, g.
Can there be displacement of an object in the absence of any force acting on it
Find the initial speed of the bullet?
Friction and velocity
Gravaitational Force
Gravity and inertia
How do laminated beams work?
How does an aeroplane stay flying in the sky?
How does gravity work?
How many balloons?
If a vehicle is pushed up a slope of 8% which is applying a downwards force of 800N, what will be the actual force used to push the vehicle up the slope?
If a water tank is placed on the roof of a building the which floor will recieve the greatest pressure? OPTIONS:- A.1st floor B.2nd floor C.ground floor
If both lead and rubber bullet are of same momentum then which one is effective to knock down a bear
If I had a boat with a displacement of 1 tonne and a 60 inch hole, how fast (litres per min) would it fill?
If you kick a stone in 1/100 seconds and football in 1/10 seconds which hurts you more and why?
If you step off a high board and drop to the water below, you plunge into the water without injury. On the other hand, if you were to drop the same distance onto solid ground, you might break a leg. What is the difference in terms of Newton's Laws?
In thrill machine rides at amusement parks, there can be an acceleration of 3gram or more. But without head rests, acceleration like this would not be save. Think Why not?
Is a projectile flying through the air accelerating? if yes, why?
Kinetic energy
Kinetic Energy
Lever force
Light of wavelength 6000 A in air enters a medium ofrefractive index 1.5.What will be the frequency in the medium?
Radial Forces
State what happens to the force on the wire when the size of the current through the wire is increased
The ratios of momentum
What explanations are there for the mass of the universe?
What happens when a charge is placed on the surface of a bubble
What is the rate change of displacement?
What makes a parachute come down slowly and the nut falling with a thud?
When rocket comes down its tip burns , which energy is this
When we switch off a fan, it comes to rest-why???
Which scientific method is the most important
Why a neat hole is formed when a bullet is fired from a close range?
Why do electostatics experiments does not work well on humid days ?
Why do you keep your legs far apart when you have to stand in the aisle dumpy-riding bus?
Why does
Why don't the passengers fall out when a rollercoaster goes upside down?
Why spokes are being made to bycycle wheel
Why water does not fall from a bucket of water when it is rotated in a circular path ?
Why we find it difficult to walk on polished surface??

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