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US History Questions

1622 indian uprising
Buffalo to hudson
Can you tell me a little about slavery during the American civil war?
Dawes plan
Did George Washington keep for himself land that was earmarked for his soldiers?
Enlightment and great awakening
For how long do we elect senators?
For how long is the President elected?
Gow did colonial leaders use the boston massacre as propaganda?
How did agriculture differ in the north and south
How did American constitutionalism after 1776 differ from the British constitutional principles that the colonists had accepted and revered before 1776?
How did American foreign policy change as a result of the American experience in Vietnam?
How did New Netherland become New York and New Jersey?
How did spanish settlers affect society in the new world?
How did the enlightment ideas contribute to the revolutionary mood in france?
How did the USA obtain Louisana?
How many american presidents have there been
How many stars are on the american flag
How was the greek and persian civilizations similiar
In what way did the court system support the goals and philophies of big industry in 1877-1900?
In what ways did the values shared by independent house-holders limit the reforms that the Revolution could offer to other Americans?
Indian ocean
Official national region
One of the most important factors binding americans from different colonies into a single political culture?
Progressive movement
The american revolution inspired a revolution in which other country?
The earliest agriculturists to migrate into Europe probably came from
The first permanent settlement in New England was?
The New deal of 1935
The new deal reform
The Southern Manifesto
Urgent! History Question
What advantage helped the continental Army gain control of Boston in 1776?
What Agriculture economic system developed in the South after the Civil War?
What are checks and balances? What do they insure against?
What are the causes of the great depression of 1929-1933?
What are the importants events from 1620 to 1693 in America History?
What are the requirements to be eligible to become President?
What bill did Congress pass to keep President Johnson from dismissing Redical Republican presidential appointments?
What did Andrew Jackson say he was going to use to keep south Carolina in the Union?
What do the stripes on the american flag represent?
What federal Relief agency was established to help the freed slaves in the South?
What is the Lone Star State?
What is the national anthem of the United States?
What more could the government have done to help the freedmen?
What name was given to the groups of foreigners that fought on the side of the Republic during the Spanish Civil War?
What name was used to describe northerners who came south to addist in Reconstruction?
What role did freedmen play in reconstructon governments?
What traits did the "winning of the West" promote in the American People?
What was the 49th state added to the United States
What was the general reaction to the Brown v. Board of Education?
What was the of the General Assembly Clerk who "penned" the Constitution?
What was the Sugar act?
When did the American Depression begin?
Where did the American War of Independence start?
Where does the name America come from?
Which of these did the least for the united states?
Which statement best describes the provisions of the Missouri Compromise?
Who assassinated President Kennedy?
Who designed philadelphia?
Who elects the president of the united states?
Who first explored the Mississippi?
Who was Johnson's talented secretary of state?
Who was the colonial leader who was responsible for the initial sucess of Jamestown?
Who was the main writer of the declaration of Independence?
Who were the first permanent settelers in New England?
Whom did the Virginia Plan favor?
Why did Americans in the late 1800s begin to desire increased government regulation of business?
Why did colonists protest the Quartering Act?
Why did the U.S. and the Soviet relations deteriorate badly between 1945-1950?
Why did the Mayflower sail to America?
Why did the proclamation of 1763 alarm the colonists?
Why did the spanish introduce encomienda?
Why did these actions alarm colonists?
Why did Thomas Jefferson oppose the national bank?
Why did volunteerism fail in the 1920's?
Why was America called the International Policing Power during the age of Imperialisim?
Why was andrew jacksons election viewed as a victory for the common people?

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