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Meeting People Questions

A Guy I used to go to school with found me by chance on myspace in October 2006 & sent me a message & we got to chating a bit, we arranged to meet up 2 or 3 times & each time he never showed - why?
Are blind dates a good way to meet people?
How can I get less shy around people I like?
How can I stay safe on an internet dating site?
How can you tell if someone likes you or is just naturally flirty?
How do I become friends with this girl?
How do you get the confidence to meet new people when you're shy?
I like this girl but she says she'll be bad for me but still flirts?
I met someone off the internet and they looked different to their picture?
I met someone who said she really liked me but when I asked her out she said no?
Is online dating a good way of meeting a partner?
Is there a stigma to meeting people online?
Should you date someone who has a partner already?
This girl I like keeps on saying she might go out with me but won't give a straight answer?
This girl I like only talks to me when things are bad with her boyfriend, what should I do?
What do men look for in women?
What do women look for in men?
What should you discuss on a blind date?
Where can I meet women?
Where can you meet people when you're young?

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